(PS3) Deathmatch-a-thon 2 on 5/23/2015 + RPWU will move to PS4 on 9/20/2015

RPWU's blood-bath of an event returns once again, featuring a 16-job playlist consisting entirely of 10-15 minute long deathmatches! Expect guns, dead people, impotent rage, headshots, and stupid noobs complaining about hacks the other team is not using. Sign up for the event by contacting BIGGamerer or making a post in the appropriate thread on the forums.

In other news, RPWU is announcing that PS3 operations will cease on 9/20/2015. On this date, we will begin PS4 operations. PC operations will resume uninterrupted through this date. The final event on PS3 is TBD, but it is anticipated that it will be run sometime this July. We would like to thank all members who participated in our events during our previous time on PS3, but it is ultimately time to admit that the system is better off collecting dust in favor of the much more superior PS4 and PC platforms.

~Posted May 10th, 2015; article by BIGGamerer More News

Welcome to the Official 'Ron Paul Warned Us crew website!

Ron Paul Warned Us is an exclusive crew in Grand Theft Auto V that dedicates it's time making and playing each others jobs. We are not a serious crew in terms of online domination or that sort, but when we do play against other crews, we take pride in our colors and name. Joining the crew is on an invite only basis, so if you know any of our members, consider yourself accepted. But just because you can't join the crew doesn't mean you can't join us and have fun. If you have a PS3 and you want to get in on the action, just message hairybones1997, the crew leader, because the friends list is always open.

Remember, Bleed Blue!

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